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My Book

I have been writing forever – it seems that way at least. I remember coming up with stories in elementary school. I enjoy telling a good story. I may not always get the grammar correct or the punctuation where it’s supposed to go, but I believe my stories are worth telling.

My husband is convinced ebooks are the future and convinced me to publish on Amazon. That way people can buy my book while I look for an agent. So, my “first” book has been uploaded to Amazon. It’s $2.99. That’s it. It’s a long book, so you’ll get your money’s worth!

What is it about you ask?

Natalie Jarrett is a seventeen-year-old girl who falls in love with the wrong boy. When she finds herself in the hospital after one of his violent attacks, she can no longer turn a blind eye. Suffering from severe injuries, her doctor tells her she will never be the same again. Although injured and feeling guilty, alone, scared and most of all, damaged, everyone seems to expect her to return quickly to her normal life – but how can she bounce back when she blames herself for all that’s gone wrong?

So, please, go and buy Natalie’s Story on Amazon. If you like it, tell all of your friends! If not, tell me what I can do better!!

Natalie’s Story



Rejection is hard to take no matter what shape it comes in, even when you expect it. It is hard to hear the word NO. I got rejected today and even though I knew it was coming, it was still upsetting. I blogged last week about submitting the first chapter of my book to an agency. They were FAST, I’ll give them that, but they said ‘no thanks’. Now, seriously, I didn’t think the very first place I submitted to would say YES! But, I think every writer secretly hopes that their book will blow someone away.

It’s hard to know for sure whether this agent really didn’t connect with the story or the character or if I really suck at writing. I have let lots of online friends read the book and although I don’t know these people in real life, they all told me how wonderful it was. Is it really? Or do they not want to hurt my feelings? This is the hard part. What if I do suck? I wish there was a store I could walk into, give them my manuscript, some money and a week and then go back in for a consultation. That way, after complete strangers have read the book, you would be told: “Yes, it’s great” or “It’s okay, go back and work on it” or “OMG, NO, NO, NO!!!”

Now, the research continues. Who do I submit to next? Who will take a chance with my writing? Do I do all email queries? Do I start printing copies out and sending queries through snail mail? And the most important question: Do I change anything? Just because ONE person didn’t connect, doesn’t mean the next won’t either… Right? Maybe after five or ten rejections, it’ll be time to change things. Or do I break out one of my other books? Things I must sleep on tonight and start tomorrow with a fresh look on things.

I Did It!!

I finally sent one of my books to a literary agency. Not the whole book, of course, but a query letter and the first 10 pages! I am really scared because I hate rejection. I hate the thought of someone hating it and saying it sucks. But, I’m excited too!! What if they really like it? What if they want to read more? What if it really is good?

So many people helped me do this! Lots of my friends read it and encouraged me to try and get it published. I can only hope they are right, that the people “in” the business will like it too! One of my friends was a great help in editing and proofreading, I know I couldn’t have done it without her.

Now, the waiting begins. With an email query, they say if you don’t hear back within six weeks you can assume they aren’t interested. If that happens, I’ll just start submitting it to other agencies. Wish me luck!!!!