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Spit Up or Reflux?

Payback is a witch.

Of course after I typed that last post, my little angel started spitting up constantly. I don’t mind changing my clothes once… twice… five times, but over that, every day, is getting old. And yeah, I’m running out of shirts… Walmart, here I come!

So, for the past weeks, I’ve been dealing with A LOT of spit up. I’ve done lots of different things to try and help my poor little girl, but nothing works.

  • She spits up when sitting up, laying down, or up on my shoulder.
  • She spits up within seconds of letting go of my nipple and keeps spitting up until I think there can’t possibly be any more in her and then she spits up again.
  • She also spits up an hour or more after I finish feeding her.
  • She spits up while she’s still nursing – YES, that is possible.
  • She spits up real liquid looking stuff, thick looking stuff, and sometimes yellow stuff.
  • She usually burps, so that’s not a problem.
  • She only cries occassionally when spitting up.
  • She has to have her clothes changed 5 or more times a day.

What have I tried?

  • I’ve tried nursing in different positions.
  • I’ve tried nursing for shorter amounts of time, but more frequently.
  • I’ve tried different positions after nursing.
  • I’ve tried adjusting my diet.

What makes me think it’s NOT reflux?

  • It’s not projectile.
  • She’s gaining weight.

I’ve talked with the doctor and she doesn’t want to start medication if it’s not necessary. I don’t want to put her on medication if it’s just spit up, but I don’t know how to tell. I can only hope the doctor will know. She will go for her 2 month check up soon, so I plan on bringing it back up then. And I’m sure I’ll be wearing a new shirt – from Walmart 🙂