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Weekend Stuff

The girls have completed a week of school!! Yay!!! Nobody had any problems. Lockers got opened! And KRJ came home with her viola!! She has to EARN her bow! So, at least there is no squeaking going on yet.

We’re watching Live Free or Die Hard which I got for my birthday MONTHS ago and haven’t gotten around to watching yet. That’s how my life works. I get something and it isn’t until months or even years later that I get to see it or use it or play it. I still have a dvd that I got for Christmas years ago I haven’t seen yet. I really want to, but there’s just too much to do.

And I just had to add that today all is right with the world, MY world. I may get good old Aunt Flo tomorrow or the next day, but TODAY, all is pretty awesomesauce!