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Low Lying Placenta

There is so much information out there about low lying placentas and none of it was right for me. I wanted to share my experience for those of you looking for help and information.

At my 18 week ultrasound, I was told my placenta was about 2cm from my cervix. Nothing to worry about, they said. It will migrate up. Placentas almost always migrate up. Okay, no problem, no worries. I, for once, didn’t worry. Everything I read online said most likely my placenta would migrate up.

Imagine my surprise when I went for my 28 week ultrasound and found that my low lying placenta was now 2.1cm from my cervix. Oooohhhh… a whole .1cm of movement. And then, my family doctor was so worried she insisted I see an OB.

They said if I have a low lying placenta, I could bleed in labor and delivery. I could hemorrage. This worried me. But, I kept the faith. I kept hoping that it would change. I prayed.

I went for another ultrasound when I was 36 weeks. Finally, improvement! The prayers had worked. My placenta was now over 4cm away from my cervix!! This was perfect! Of course, they did find that the baby wasn’t as big as they’d like her, ending up labelling her “IUGR” and that led to a whole other set of problems… but the placenta problem had resolved.

If the ultrasound technician hadn’t told me to get another ultrasound when I hit my 3rd trimester, I would have waited until I was closer to my due date to have it, sparing myself the weeks of worrying after that 28 week ultrasound.

So, for all those wondering if your placenta will migrate later on in pregnancy, I am proof that it IS possible. It can migrate after 28 weeks. Don’t let an early ultrasound prevent you from delivering at home or even vaginally. Insist on having an ultrasound around 37 weeks instead.


30 Weeks

I have hit 30 weeks! I had an appointment with my midwife this week. Everything is fine. I gained 10lbs between 20wks and 30wks and that’s what she likes to see, so I guess I did good there I measured 29 1/2cm so pretty much right on. My blood pressure was good and there was no protein in my urine – so no signs of preeclampsia (I was worried last week with my swollen feet and headaches, but it looks like it was just stress and the trip home for my cousin’s funeral). Baby’s heartrate was in the 140s, she was sort of vertex, but sort of transverse LOL! She’s just like her sisters, she likes to flip around.

I refused the glucose test and she said she’d draw my blood next time for the repeat CBC and all that fun stuff.

Right before we left for NY, I had an ultrasound. I was a little over 28 weeks. They called with the results while I was away. On the phone they told me I was 1cm dilated already. But, the report says .75cm. So, the midwife did look inside and said she could see it was a tiny bit dilated, but not to 1cm yet. So, the good news is that I’m not dilating anymore right now. She said who knows how many people go around dilated at 30 weeks because normally OBs and midwives don’t check at that time.

The second thing the report showed was mild dilation of the kidneys. Nobody is worried about this. It’s something that often clears up and if not, I’ll just take the baby in to have her kidneys checked when she’s born. My oldest was born with a kidney problem and it’s all okay.

Third… the placenta. It’s still only 2.1cm from my cervix, so it’s considered low lying, but not previa. They were hoping it would migrate up, but guess it’s being stubborn. My midwife said it might be because it’s posterior. She wants to talk to some other midwives about it and get their opinions. But, her gut tells her it’s fine and she’s not worried about it. It might be a bit of a challenge with my MTHFR status, so we’ll be keeping an eye on the bleeding in labor. I spoke to my old doula who agrees with her, that as long as it’s 2cm away, a vaginal delivery is fine.

The research I’ve done online seems to go either way… some say 2cm is the cut off. Anything less and it’s a c-section. Other sites say it should be 3cm. Some say you shouldn’t do an ultrasound to check the placenta until 35 weeks or so because it still has a chance to migrate. Some say home births are too risky. But, I’m comfortable right now. If my gut tells me different, I’d be switching. (I also looked up the placenta location in my other pregnancies, they were all posterior, but none were ever marked as low lying).

Anyway, I see her again in 2 weeks at her office and then 2 weeks after that, she’s coming here again! I love when I don’t have to go anywhere. She said something about being full term in 6 weeks! WOW! Just 6 weeks. And being the holidays, time will fly even faster!!!!

Low Lying Placenta

Also in the ultrasound, they noticed my placenta was close to my cervix. The ultrasound tech measured it a few times and said it was about 2cms from my cervix. When you think about it, that’s not very far. It’s not covering my cervix, so that’s really good news. She said the midwives usually like the placenta to be at least 3cms from the cervix, but even that seems ridiculously close!

Supposedly, there is plenty of time for the placenta to move on up. I asked my midwife if she ever heard of a placenta moving down closer to the cervix before and she said no. That would be MY luck! So, I’m hoping and praying that when I go back for another ultrasound in about 10 weeks that the placenta will be a higher up.

I also read that most placentas attach at the top because that area is rich in blood and therefore oxygen and nutrients. So when the placenta doesn’t attach at the top, there’s more risk of IUGR and pre-term labor. YIKES! I had IUGR with my last daughter and they induced me at 37 weeks.

Migrate placenta, migrate!!! I want a homebirth!!