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Complaints or Blessings?

It’s funny how other people complain about things I think are blessings. I’m sure there are things I complain about that other people think are blessings.

What? You ask.

Sleep. How many times have I heard a new parent complain about the lack of sleep they get? Billions. They all whine about not being able to sleep through the night. I, however, enjoy those one on one middle of the night feedings. I do love my sleep and come morning I am always tired. But, looking into the big, round eyes of my baby girl at night – when all is quiet – is so worth it.

Diapers. Many parents complain about changing diapers, especially stinky ones. I don’t mind. I love the tiny little diapers that go on the tiny little babies. And I don’t even mind the smell of breastmilk poop!

Spit up. It happens. Not a big deal. Throw the shirt in the wash and put a new one on. Out of shirts? Run to Wal-mart and get a few more.

These complaints are silly. Especially to those who had a hard time conceiving or have lost a baby. We don’t mind not getting 8 hours of sleep. We have no problems changing stinky diapers. We are capable of changing our shirts when they get dirty. And we do it without complaining about it.

Now… taking a bunch of pills every day… I can certainly complain with the best of them about doing that!!! 😀


Potty Training Fun

NKJ has shown no interest in potty training whatsoever – until about a week ago. She asked for a piece of candy and I told her if she goes pee in the potty I’ll get her one. So, she walked over to her potty, took off her diaper and went pee!

Well, gee, if I had only known it would be THAT easy! Since then, she runs to the potty every hour or so and tinkles a little bit and comes out saying “I peep in the potty, I get chalk-lette”. LOL!!! It’s soooo cute. She has even started doing BMs in her potty, although she isn’t too sure of them. She just stands up and goes “Ew!”

My only concern is that she seems to go very little and then runs out for her treat – I don’t think she’s emptying her bladder. My husband just says it’s her way of getting more treats.

Next step – wiping!

Did you know?

Did you know that you can actually start relactating after months of not breastfeeding? Or even build up a milk supply without ever even being pregnant? It is possible!! I don’t think many people know this, so that is why I’m writing this post.

Why would someone want to do this? Let’s say you couldn’t breastfeed when you delivered your baby or you breastfed for a couple months and then went back to work, but you ended up not liking formula feeding. Now, it’s weeks or months later and you want to know if you can start breastfeeding again. Or maybe you’re adopting a baby and you want to breastfeed her. You can and here’s how:

1)    Hold your baby at your breasts, skin to skin. Do it often. Get her used to being there, let her put your nipple in her mouth. Offer her the breast when she needs comforting or is sleepy. Even though you’re not making milk yet, the nursing sends a signal for your body to start making milk. If the baby won’t latch, keep working on it. If you absolutely can’t get her to latch, you have other options. Get the breast milk out and then bottle feed her or use a feeding syringe or a cup. There are many choices!!

2)    Now, go get some Fenugreek. You can get it from GNC. Take 2 capsules with each meal!!!!!!! Yes, that much!!!!!!!! And then when you start making milk, go up to 3 per meal. I know – huge, smelly pills – gag!!! But, sooooo worth it!!! (If you are diabetic, check with your doctor). There are also prescriptions you can get to help your milk supply.

3)    Then get a hospital grade pump, a double will make it a lot easier!!! Start pumping away, both sides. When you’re awake, pump every couple hours, just like feeding a newborn. At night, get up at least once and pump. If you are double pumping, 15 minutes will do it. If you’re single pumping, do it for 30 minutes. Keep pumping even after she begins nursing well. The more you pump, the more milk you’ll make.

4)    If you still need help, try a supplemental device. You put it around your neck, put expressed breast milk or formula in the bottle, tape the tube to your breasts and the baby feeds from your breasts but gets the food from the tube until your milk supply is better or she latches better.

You may not get a full supply of milk back, but some breast milk is better than none, especially with the things they are finding in formula. The less formula, the better.

Don’t forget to get a lactation consultant!

Don’t believe me? Google it!!

Still can’t get it to work and don’t want to give your baby formula? Maybe a milk bank can help you out. Although you need a prescription and it’s usually for very sick little babies.

Good luck and God bless!!