3 Weeks Postpartum

My little one is 3 weeks old already. It scares me how fast time flies when you are a parent. I can already see so many changes in her. She stares right at me now. She cries when someone else is holding her and she hears my voice. She holds her head up a few seconds longer. She’s bigger, no longer fitting in the preemie outfits and inching her way towards the 0-3 month stuff instead of just newborn.

Why can’t this stage last longer? Why not a newborn stage for a year? We get the toddler stage for a long time, the preschool stage for a long time, the elementary stage for a long time, and the teen years… for way too long. I just want to cuddle this innocent, precious little baby for a little longer.

Her doctor called and wants to go ahead and do a VCUG at the children’s hospital to check out her enlarged kidney. Nothing I haven’t gone through before. But, I hate – HATE – putting my babies through this test. The specialist she spoke to said he didn’t mind the baby not being on antibiotics as long as we rule out the reflux. So, I’m waiting for a call back to find out when she needs to be there.

As for me, I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!! I was 118 when I got pregnant with this one in April. However, I was 115 when I got pregnant in October 2008. So, I’d like to get back to that and drop the couple inches of FUN FLAB I have now.

I haven’t taken an aspirin or folic acid since I went into the hospital. I’m not sure how big of a risk I’m taking, but I was so sick of swallowing so many pills a day. I need to do some more research into it all. I think I’d like to get tested again, like getting a second opinion, and make sure I have this MTHFR disorder.


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