Judging People

Do you judge other people? Honestly now. I do and I’m ashamed of it. I try not to. I really do. But, sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I keep my thoughts pretty much to myself, sometimes I blog about them, sometimes I rant to my husband about them, but mainly I just shake my head and keep moving on.

I know that it’s up to God to judge each of us. I know we’re not supposed to judge each other. And I certainly have been proved wrong before. So, why do I keep doing it? Why does my brain automatically think “bad mother” when I see someone smoking in their car with kids on board? And is it such a bad thing? Isn’t that mother not thinking of her child as she puts both their lives at risk?

I had a conversation with a friend the other day. She is a much better person than I am… or at least I think she is from what she says. She talked about she doesn’t like to be judged, so she doesn’t judge other people. Her mentality was “if you don’t like me, fine”. And I like that about her. It doesn’t bother me if somebody non-essential to my everyday wellbeing doesn’t like me. I know I’m different and that’s okay. I don’t expect other people to be just like me and to think just like I do. Sure would be nice though đŸ˜€

I have been judged before and still am to this day. I was judged as a teenager when I wore all black, spiked my hair up, dyed it purple and had a bad attitude. I was judged when I looked like a teenager at 22 when I had my first baby. I was judged as a b*tch when I moved here and didn’t want to sit out in the street and drink. And I’m judged now for having 5 children and for my views on how to raise them. I can honestly say I’m okay with all that right now. Judge away if you must.

However, even though I’m okay with being judged, I am mad at myself for judging others. I will continue to try and change… but I don’t have much hope. People will still make me shake my head. And I’m sure, as always, I will blog about it.


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