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Having a Homebirth

It’s amazing how the fact that I’m hoping to have a homebirth brings out the ugly in other people. I read a comment in a forum recently that wasn’t directed to me, but it felt that way. This person said something like “I don’t understand how anyone could risk having a homebirth when there are facilities to deal with birth.”

So, basically, if they build it, we should all go. I wonder if people really forget that it wasn’t so long ago that homebirth was normal, that doctors came to people’s houses and took care of them, that midwives took care of laboring mothers. This was normal. C-sections weren’t normal, inductions weren’t normal, natural childbirth at home was!

Then came along my grandmother’s generation. She tells stories on going into the hospital to give birth, the doctors would give the mothers some sort of gas mask they would have to hold up to their nose and mouth, this would knock them out until their hand dropped and then they’d wake back up again. Boy, that sounds fun! At the end of the labor,  mothers were basically out of it as the doctors yanked babies out. My grandmother says how she woke up hours later and was told she had a girl or a boy. Fathers weren’t in the rooms. She would then have to stay in the hospital for weeks!

And now look at where we are. People actually get to say “Gee, I think the 5th of January is a good day to have a baby” and they ask their doctor to induce them that day and the doctor says sure. Of course, that’s a whole other blog post.

My point today is that people rush to the hospital to have a baby now. They WANT the induction, they WANT the epidural, they WANT the meds… but I’m not sure why. Why would someone choose to be put in a hospital with all the bacteria and viruses floating around? Why would someone want to be hooked up to machines? Why would someone want an IV? Why have all these medical interventions if you don’t need them?

I completely understand if you are high risk that you would  need some intervention. But, for a perfectly normal pregnancy in a healthy mom, why?

However, I don’t normally tell someone who is having a hospital birth I think they’re nuts for doing so. I usually keep my opinion to myself. I wish other people would.

My reasons for hoping to have a homebirth?

  • Giving birth in the comfort of my own home.
  • Having as many people around as I want.
  • Not having any interventions unless absolutely needed.
  • Being able to eat or drink.
  • Being able to videotape and take pictures.
  • Being able to give birth in my tub if I want.
  • Having control over my surroundings.
  • Not having to leave my children with babysitters.
  • Not having to say goodbye to my children at the end of the visiting hours.
  • Not having my newborn taken out of my sight ever. No hospital mixups here.
  • Not having things done to my newborn that I don’t want.

I pray every night that it works out for me. That even though I have some things going against me, that I am able to try for a homebirth. I pray that when that time comes that my body does what it’s supposed to do and everything goes smoothly. Of course, I pray for a healthy baby and a happy outcome.