Low Lying Placenta

Also in the ultrasound, they noticed my placenta was close to my cervix. The ultrasound tech measured it a few times and said it was about 2cms from my cervix. When you think about it, that’s not very far. It’s not covering my cervix, so that’s really good news. She said the midwives usually like the placenta to be at least 3cms from the cervix, but even that seems ridiculously close!

Supposedly, there is plenty of time for the placenta to move on up. I asked my midwife if she ever heard of a placenta moving down closer to the cervix before and she said no. That would be MY luck! So, I’m hoping and praying that when I go back for another ultrasound in about 10 weeks that the placenta will be a higher up.

I also read that most placentas attach at the top because that area is rich in blood and therefore oxygen and nutrients. So when the placenta doesn’t attach at the top, there’s more risk of IUGR and pre-term labor. YIKES! I had IUGR with my last daughter and they induced me at 37 weeks.

Migrate placenta, migrate!!! I want a homebirth!!


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