The Big Answer

I had my BIG ultrasound – ya know, the one everyone waits impatiently for. First, the most important thing is that the baby looks healthy. To my husband and I that is the only really important thing. When we started trying to conceive again, we were okay with a having a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter to us. Maybe it’s having so many miscarriages. I think that losing five babies makes someone not care so much what gender they have when they do get their miracle.

Okay, okay, I’ll get to it… the baby is a GIRL!!! And you know what?????? We are thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we both guessed that this baby would be a girl.

In fact, I have a theory. I believe that it’s possible that I, for some reason, miscarry the boys. I don’t know why. And the one doctor I did ask about that didn’t think that’s what I was doing, but I’m not sure I trust her opinion on it. It just makes sense to me. Call it a gut feeling. I’m not sure I’ll ever know.

Back to the new baby girl… I am absolutely in love with the idea of having another girl. Other people, however, still believe that I’m missing something or that my family isn’t complete. We have already started getting stupid comments: “Are you going to try again?”, “I’m sorry”, “Your poor husband”,  or I get told the many ways to try and have a boy. I usually just smile and nod. But, why do these people think I need a boy to be happy? If anyone has some great comebacks so I can be prepared, please pass them on!!!!!!!!



  1. Dee Said:

    I am so happy for you. All I want to know is what names are you coming up with.

  2. Nicole Said:

    Hi Talia!! I am so excited for you and the fact that you are having another girl. We had 3 girls until we had the twins, when we were blessed with a girl and a boy. I am quite familiar with people’s need to comment on so many girls. I often was just point blank with them, saying that my husand and I are quite happy with our girls, thank you. However, when we were asked if we would keep trying for a boy, we would sometimes relpy “Oh no, we’re trying for a brunette!” Since all our girls were blond. That always seemed to give them reason to pause as they realized the absurdidty of that question. So, if all your kids have one color hair, you could try that. I also sometimes tell people I am trying for a lefty. If you ever do have a boy, the comments don’t stop, then it’s just “awww, you poor boy living with all these girls” or “So, are you done NOW that you have a boy?” as if the size of my family was determined by the genders of my children. We are thinking about having another baby, even though we know the comments we will get because 6 children is just unheard of these days! Good luck, and I for one am happy for you!

    • wishingstar97 Said:

      LOL! I might have to try that. Our girls have blonde/brown hair, so maybe I’ll go for “we’re trying for a red head”!! Thanks 🙂

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