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Bubble… Pop… Nudge

How sweet is it to feel your baby’s first movements?

At first, you feel something like bubbles popping and you wonder “is that the baby?”

A few days pass and you feel it again, and again wonder… could that be the baby? You know it’s not gas. You’re pretty sure there isn’t a butterfly in your stomach. It has to be it… right?

Then a week later, you feel it… a nudge, a definite baby nudge. You smile. You laugh. Maybe you tell the world “HEY! I felt the baby!!” or maybe you keep it a secret and not tell anyone, you make it a special thing between you and your baby.

A couple weeks later after feeling these little nudges, you notice your belly jumps a little when the baby nudges. WOW! What a special, wonderful feeling that is! And on top of that, you can see it!!

Then sometimes are those days where you are running around, busy doing errands, taking the kids to school, going grocery shopping and you realize… you haven’t felt the baby move. Scared, you sit down, you wait, hope and pray and then a few minutes later… she moves. And you breathe a sigh of relief.

Feeling the baby move is such a special time. It makes the pregnancy real – finally getting an every day confirmation that yes, indeed, there is a baby in there. Especially, when you’ve had miscarriages in the past,  knowing that this baby is okay is very important.

I am finally at the stage where I can feel our little girl moving every day. It’s so exciting. I love this stage. The kicks and nudges aren’t hard enough to hurt and they are hard enough to not just tickle anymore. I am so blessed to be able to enjoy this every day.

Thank you, God.


Low Lying Placenta

Also in the ultrasound, they noticed my placenta was close to my cervix. The ultrasound tech measured it a few times and said it was about 2cms from my cervix. When you think about it, that’s not very far. It’s not covering my cervix, so that’s really good news. She said the midwives usually like the placenta to be at least 3cms from the cervix, but even that seems ridiculously close!

Supposedly, there is plenty of time for the placenta to move on up. I asked my midwife if she ever heard of a placenta moving down closer to the cervix before and she said no. That would be MY luck! So, I’m hoping and praying that when I go back for another ultrasound in about 10 weeks that the placenta will be a higher up.

I also read that most placentas attach at the top because that area is rich in blood and therefore oxygen and nutrients. So when the placenta doesn’t attach at the top, there’s more risk of IUGR and pre-term labor. YIKES! I had IUGR with my last daughter and they induced me at 37 weeks.

Migrate placenta, migrate!!! I want a homebirth!!

The Big Answer

I had my BIG ultrasound – ya know, the one everyone waits impatiently for. First, the most important thing is that the baby looks healthy. To my husband and I that is the only really important thing. When we started trying to conceive again, we were okay with a having a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter to us. Maybe it’s having so many miscarriages. I think that losing five babies makes someone not care so much what gender they have when they do get their miracle.

Okay, okay, I’ll get to it… the baby is a GIRL!!! And you know what?????? We are thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we both guessed that this baby would be a girl.

In fact, I have a theory. I believe that it’s possible that I, for some reason, miscarry the boys. I don’t know why. And the one doctor I did ask about that didn’t think that’s what I was doing, but I’m not sure I trust her opinion on it. It just makes sense to me. Call it a gut feeling. I’m not sure I’ll ever know.

Back to the new baby girl… I am absolutely in love with the idea of having another girl. Other people, however, still believe that I’m missing something or that my family isn’t complete. We have already started getting stupid comments: “Are you going to try again?”, “I’m sorry”, “Your poor husband”,  or I get told the many ways to try and have a boy. I usually just smile and nod. But, why do these people think I need a boy to be happy? If anyone has some great comebacks so I can be prepared, please pass them on!!!!!!!!