Potty Training Fun

NKJ has shown no interest in potty training whatsoever – until about a week ago. She asked for a piece of candy and I told her if she goes pee in the potty I’ll get her one. So, she walked over to her potty, took off her diaper and went pee!

Well, gee, if I had only known it would be THAT easy! Since then, she runs to the potty every hour or so and tinkles a little bit and comes out saying “I peep in the potty, I get chalk-lette”. LOL!!! It’s soooo cute. She has even started doing BMs in her potty, although she isn’t too sure of them. She just stands up and goes “Ew!”

My only concern is that she seems to go very little and then runs out for her treat – I don’t think she’s emptying her bladder. My husband just says it’s her way of getting more treats.

Next step – wiping!


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