The first house we built we unknowingly put it on a street that had no other kids. Most of the people who lived there were older, retired couples. They were very nice, but my kids were pretty bored.

The second house we built was in a very family friendly neighborhood. The street we lived on was divided into 2 cul-de-sacs, each with a ton of kids on it. But, we picked the wrong cul-de-sac to live in. Our kids were friends with the kids in the other cul-de-sac and I got along better with the people over there too. Sure, it was like a minute walk up the road – but far enough.

The third house, our current house, we did the same thing. We had 2 streets to choose from, almost all the lots were open. And we chose the wrong street… again. *I* chose this lot because it didn’t have any boxes on it – ya know the ones – the cable boxes, the phone boxes, whatever they are – the little (sometimes big) ugly green boxes. Well, THIS lot didn’t have a single one on it. All the other ones did. Now, I have to admit this was our second choice. Our first choice was a lot on the other street – the good street. But, someone had switched and put money down on it right before we tried to.

So, here we are on the blah street. I’m sure that my neighbors on this street would disagree. But, they all hang out together. They are all buddies. Why don’t I become buddies with these ladies? Well… they drink an awful lot. I don’t. They gossip a lot. I’m not into that. They talk about things I don’t care about (their weight, exercise, plastic surgery, going out, etc). When they do go out, it’s to clubs, dance halls, bars. It’s just not my kind of scene.

The other street? Much more my style. They are friendly, accepting, down to Earth, and helpful. When they have conversations, they are real conversations, things that I actually care about. When they go out, it’s to Bunco, craft stuff, a dinner out, or a movie. They have parties and it’s not all about drinking and being loud.

Anyone have a way to just pick up my house and drop it on the ONE empty lot left on their street??


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  1. Dee Said:

    We can move your house. Right up here to NY. i would LOVE that. I miss you. AND Stephanei wants to play with the kids.

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