Heritage Makers

I went to a home party a couple months ago where they sold subscriptions and credits to a website called Heritage Makers. It is a digi scrapbooking website. I love scrapbooking, but had never tried doing it on the computer. The difference between this and using photoshop is that everything is stored online. You can do it from anyone elses computer, your photos are “protected” because they are scanned and uploaded and you can keep them on this website. I tried to check out the company online, but there were a lot of reviews on it. And what I did see, was positive.

When I was showed the tutorial, it looked easy and fun. I couldn’t wait to get started and had a lot of ideas on what I was going to do. I signed in and the fun began… NOT! The main thing about this website that bothered me was how slow it ran and how it constantly froze up and crashed IE.

–       I have a baby cam in my baby’s room that I view on my computer. Heritage Makers would not work while this was running. This caused problems because I needed that camera on.

–       Any other program couldn’t be running or Heritage Makers wouldn’t work. I could login, view a page and when I shut that page out to view another, it wouldn’t work anymore. This was averaging about 4-5 minutes per “session”. I would then have to close internet explorer and reopen it and sign back in again to get it to work (only for another 4-5 minutes).

–       When I would try and preview a page, only ½- 2/3 of the page would come up, the rest was black.

–       Some of my pictures didn’t upload properly. I’d have to delete and try again. There are still many uploaded that only have half a picture.

–       Heritage Makers didn’t work well with my antivirus. We had to change settings and even turn it off to get it to work. It wasn’t only mine. When I tried on my friend’s computer and my mother’s computer, I had the same problems and they had different antivirus software.

–       Didn’t work with script blockers – this was from another friend’s computer and we had to turn that off to get it to work and then it continued to hang up, freeze, go slow.

–       It crashed my internet a lot!

–       It froze up constantly and images would say “image loading” and I would wait and it never came up. I had to close my internet out and restart it all again.

–       I couldn’t figure out how to delete some items. I would try what I knew worked before and it wouldn’t work, then surprisingly 8 tries later, it did work.

–       I couldn’t size the pictures right. When I had them where I wanted, they were all blurry.

–       On a couple templates, I couldn’t figure out how to change the text. I had done it before on other templates, but for some reason couldn’t always do it.

–       I couldn’t find the themes I wanted in the size I wanted.

–       When I contacted technical support, they never replied.

The consultant from the party finally agreed to purchase my credits from me. She sent me a check, I transferred the credits to her account, and I’m done with it. I don’t ever want to hear about it again!!! Great idea, sucky company.

Oh, and for Mother’s Day, my husband bought me Photoshop!!!


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  1. PGriggs Said:

    Sounds like you had a bad experience. I am joining as a Heritage Makers Consultant, I just love their product line compared to that of other companies I looked at.

    As you mentioned, I couldn’t find one single bad report on Heritage Makers until now – I signed up for a free account to try the service out first before I decided to become a consultant, and I absolutely loved it!

    I am sorry you had a bad experience with the system, but if this was common among users Heritage Makers would be out of business. because No one would be using them.

    Have a blessed day!

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