Excited and Scared

After our last miscarriage, we decided to take a break from actually trying to conceive. We still planned on making love when we felt like it. We just agreed that I wouldn’t take any meds or take my temps or take opks.

I did watch the days go by though and on cycle day 31, I realized I was late. However, since the last period I had was actually a miscarriage, I really didn’t know where in my cycle I was. I didn’t feel pregnant – no sore breasts, no nausea, but I was very tired and going pee a lot. I was afraid that if I tested on Mother’s Day, I would be disappointed, and I didn’t want that.

So, I tested on Saturday with internet cheapies. I dipped the stick and put it down. I usually watch it until the control line appears to make sure it works. The TEST line showed up IMMEDIATELY!!! And it was DARK. I shouted for my husband and he came running – poor guy thought something was wrong! He told me to do it again. So, I grabbed another one and dipped it and again it changed fast and dark!!!! So, dh starts doing the happy dance and kissing me and I’m just standing there shaking.

I went throught the day in a state of shock. I wanted to get excited, but I can’t. I’m so scared. I tested again that night with another internet cheapie and sure enough, it came back positive.

We decided to use the FRER and Clear Blue digital test on Mother’s Day. I did the FRER first and was puzzled by the way it looked. First, the control line was not very dark, the TEST line WAS dark, but the test line was dotted. Weird. So, then I took the digital test and it came back very clear: PREGNANT.

Please pray that this little snowflake sticks!!!

Edited to add this picture. This is 4 of the pregnancy tests I took. The two internet cheapies are on top, the weird FRER is next – you can see how the test line is WAY darker than the control line and see how they are dotted!! The last test is a Clear Blue digital test.

May Pregnancy Tests

May Pregnancy Tests



  1. livelaughlove4ever Said:

    Saying a prayer for you!!!

  2. Kate Said:

    I dream of the day I will stand in your shoes. Congratulations to you. I look forward to your journey as I am so scared of TTC again after a miscarriage myself.

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