Pregnancy Tests

I just wanted to blog about the pregnancy tests I took last time (in April). All the cheap internet tests I had showed a faint second line starting around 12dpo – the first couple took 1-2 hours to turn that way, the others were less than 10 minutes. Suprisingly, my hcg level at 18dpo was only 8, and the lines were still very very faint that day.

The two FRER tests I took were negative all this time. The last one I took at 20dpo was a little weird. The control line showed up right away and it was dark, but it was dotted. Not a straight complete line, but a straight dotted line.

I tried googling it and didn’t find anything about the control line being dotted. So, I don’t know if it was defective or not.

Of course, I ended up miscarrying, so none of the tests ever got darker. I did find it interesting how the cheap internet tests were faintly positive and the FRER wasn’t. And it was interesting that the first few tests I took didn’t turn positive until 1-2 hours later. And yet they were right. I have never had a false positive or an evaporation line. The lines I thought were evap lines were indeed faint positives.


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