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Heritage Makers

I went to a home party a couple months ago where they sold subscriptions and credits to a website called Heritage Makers. It is a digi scrapbooking website. I love scrapbooking, but had never tried doing it on the computer. The difference between this and using photoshop is that everything is stored online. You can do it from anyone elses computer, your photos are “protected” because they are scanned and uploaded and you can keep them on this website. I tried to check out the company online, but there were a lot of reviews on it. And what I did see, was positive.

When I was showed the tutorial, it looked easy and fun. I couldn’t wait to get started and had a lot of ideas on what I was going to do. I signed in and the fun began… NOT! The main thing about this website that bothered me was how slow it ran and how it constantly froze up and crashed IE.

–       I have a baby cam in my baby’s room that I view on my computer. Heritage Makers would not work while this was running. This caused problems because I needed that camera on.

–       Any other program couldn’t be running or Heritage Makers wouldn’t work. I could login, view a page and when I shut that page out to view another, it wouldn’t work anymore. This was averaging about 4-5 minutes per “session”. I would then have to close internet explorer and reopen it and sign back in again to get it to work (only for another 4-5 minutes).

–       When I would try and preview a page, only ½- 2/3 of the page would come up, the rest was black.

–       Some of my pictures didn’t upload properly. I’d have to delete and try again. There are still many uploaded that only have half a picture.

–       Heritage Makers didn’t work well with my antivirus. We had to change settings and even turn it off to get it to work. It wasn’t only mine. When I tried on my friend’s computer and my mother’s computer, I had the same problems and they had different antivirus software.

–       Didn’t work with script blockers – this was from another friend’s computer and we had to turn that off to get it to work and then it continued to hang up, freeze, go slow.

–       It crashed my internet a lot!

–       It froze up constantly and images would say “image loading” and I would wait and it never came up. I had to close my internet out and restart it all again.

–       I couldn’t figure out how to delete some items. I would try what I knew worked before and it wouldn’t work, then surprisingly 8 tries later, it did work.

–       I couldn’t size the pictures right. When I had them where I wanted, they were all blurry.

–       On a couple templates, I couldn’t figure out how to change the text. I had done it before on other templates, but for some reason couldn’t always do it.

–       I couldn’t find the themes I wanted in the size I wanted.

–       When I contacted technical support, they never replied.

The consultant from the party finally agreed to purchase my credits from me. She sent me a check, I transferred the credits to her account, and I’m done with it. I don’t ever want to hear about it again!!! Great idea, sucky company.

Oh, and for Mother’s Day, my husband bought me Photoshop!!!



I got to see our little Snowflake yesterday. It measured 6 weeks and had a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!! The ultrasound tech said it was 111 and that was good for 6 weeks. Although, I know I’m not out of the woods yet. There are still a million things that can go wrong. I’m trying to get excited and think positively.

HCG Levels

They doubled!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, technically, more than doubled. They were 4,776 on  Monday and 10,217 Wednesday! They seem awfully high for 5 weeks, but I’ll take it. I’ll take it and I’ll pray it’s not a molar pregnancy.

I won’t know anything else until Monday. I’m hoping they’ll do another ultrasound and maybe we’ll see something more.

Keep me in your prayers!


I would like to go back to being ignorant about pregnancy related issues like hcg levels, progesterone levels, lovenox, miscarriages, mthfr, folic acid and so on. I would like to go back to being clueless and not knowing or caring. I would love to go back to seeing a pregnancy test line appear and just being happy. People who have never experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth don’t know how lucky they are.

I’m waiting for my 2nd hcg levels to come back. I had them drawn Monday and they were at 4,776! I worry that number is too high – my mind wanders to things like molar pregnancies. I also had an ultrasound which only showed a gestational sac measuring 5 weeks, no yolk sac, no fetal pole, but I was told it was too early for that. Now, I am waiting to see if that number above has doubled.

I hate waiting. I’m so stressed. Please pray for us.

Excited and Scared

After our last miscarriage, we decided to take a break from actually trying to conceive. We still planned on making love when we felt like it. We just agreed that I wouldn’t take any meds or take my temps or take opks.

I did watch the days go by though and on cycle day 31, I realized I was late. However, since the last period I had was actually a miscarriage, I really didn’t know where in my cycle I was. I didn’t feel pregnant – no sore breasts, no nausea, but I was very tired and going pee a lot. I was afraid that if I tested on Mother’s Day, I would be disappointed, and I didn’t want that.

So, I tested on Saturday with internet cheapies. I dipped the stick and put it down. I usually watch it until the control line appears to make sure it works. The TEST line showed up IMMEDIATELY!!! And it was DARK. I shouted for my husband and he came running – poor guy thought something was wrong! He told me to do it again. So, I grabbed another one and dipped it and again it changed fast and dark!!!! So, dh starts doing the happy dance and kissing me and I’m just standing there shaking.

I went throught the day in a state of shock. I wanted to get excited, but I can’t. I’m so scared. I tested again that night with another internet cheapie and sure enough, it came back positive.

We decided to use the FRER and Clear Blue digital test on Mother’s Day. I did the FRER first and was puzzled by the way it looked. First, the control line was not very dark, the TEST line WAS dark, but the test line was dotted. Weird. So, then I took the digital test and it came back very clear: PREGNANT.

Please pray that this little snowflake sticks!!!

Edited to add this picture. This is 4 of the pregnancy tests I took. The two internet cheapies are on top, the weird FRER is next – you can see how the test line is WAY darker than the control line and see how they are dotted!! The last test is a Clear Blue digital test.

May Pregnancy Tests

May Pregnancy Tests

Summer Plans

What would I like to do this summer? Hmmmmm…

1) I’d like to spend lots of time with my family.

2) I would like to learn photoshop and be able to use it easily.

3) I would like to finish a book I’m writing.

4) I would like to get pregnant.

5) I would like to spend the night at the beach.

6) I would like to get through the TV shows recorded on my TiVo.

7) I’d like to go camping again.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list.

Pregnancy Tests

I just wanted to blog about the pregnancy tests I took last time (in April). All the cheap internet tests I had showed a faint second line starting around 12dpo – the first couple took 1-2 hours to turn that way, the others were less than 10 minutes. Suprisingly, my hcg level at 18dpo was only 8, and the lines were still very very faint that day.

The two FRER tests I took were negative all this time. The last one I took at 20dpo was a little weird. The control line showed up right away and it was dark, but it was dotted. Not a straight complete line, but a straight dotted line.

I tried googling it and didn’t find anything about the control line being dotted. So, I don’t know if it was defective or not.

Of course, I ended up miscarrying, so none of the tests ever got darker. I did find it interesting how the cheap internet tests were faintly positive and the FRER wasn’t. And it was interesting that the first few tests I took didn’t turn positive until 1-2 hours later. And yet they were right. I have never had a false positive or an evaporation line. The lines I thought were evap lines were indeed faint positives.