My 5th Miscarriage Experience

If you’ve been following my blog, you know a while back I posted about all the different miscarriage experiences I’ve had. I wanted to add this one.

My LMP was 3/2/09. I ovulated around 3/19/09. At 11dpo, I took a pregnancy test. It was negative until 2 hours later. Then a faint line appeared. This kept happening, day after day. The line would come quicker, but still at or after the 5 minute mark and really really faint. It NEVER got darker!!! When I hit 18dpo (Monday), I had to see the doctor to get more progesterone. After her urine test was positive, they did blood work, but it only came back at an 8 and then two days later (Wednesday), a 3.

That same day (of the HCG count of 3), I started spotting brown stuff. It was mixed in with the progesterone, so it was weird looking. That continued through the day. The next day it was brown and a little pink. Then redder. It only got heavy for 12-18 hours. It was a dark red. On Saturday, I was bleeding, but not heavy, and I had this awful pressure on my cervix. I had to take a motrin, sit down and rest until it kicked in. That came and went until Monday. I never had any cramps or clots or a long period of heavy bleeding. In fact, this was lighter than a normal period, but with a HCG level of 3, I don’t think anything is “stuck” inside.

So, there was a total of 5 days of bleeding, but 4 of them were just spotting. No cramping, just cervix pressure. And – of course – a lot of emotions.


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