Getting Irritated

I took another pregnancy test this morning. DH goes to work early, so he woke me up after his shower and I took the test. Immediately it was negative, but I only looked at it for the first 10 seconds. I then went back to bed. He kept watch over it for the next 15 minutes until he was done getting ready. He came out of the bathroom and told me it was negative. So, I tossed and turned for the next hour until it was time for me to get up. When I got up and looked at the test, there was definitely a very faint line. Now, this was an hour and 15 minutes after I dipped it. So, I know that I can’t count that.

I took my shower, looked at the test again. This time it was darker, but looked odd. Then after I was done getting ready, the test looked normal again – still with the very faint line. NOW, it’s been a full two hours and 10 minutes and it almost looks like the line is going away!! WTH????!!!!

The only thing I can think of is that I got a bad batch of these cheap internet tests. I’ve never had a pregnancy test turn up with a faint second line hours later until this cycle.

So, now what? I have to wait 2 more days and then test again – unless of course my period shows up. Then if it’s negative and Aunt Flo is still on vacation, I guess I call the doctor on Monday. I’m on the progesterone – Crinone. I think that has something to do with this. I’m so glad it extended my luteal phase. That’s important. But, I’m not sure my period will show up if I don’t stop taking it????

While I’m on the subject of progesterone… I noticed that when I check my cervix, the discharge (leftover medicine?) is cottage cheese looking. No foul odor though. And sometimes, it’s pinkish or salmon, maybe orange. Freaked me out a couple times, I thought I was getting my period. But, it never came. I did a search online and noticed a few other people had the same thing. So, I’m passing it on to my readers. Progesterone MAY cause your discharge to be pink colored.


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