My First

evaporation line? After I blogged last night and went into my room, I noticed the test I took had a second faint line – but it was VERY faint. And it had been 2 hours. So, I couldn’t trust it. But, my hopes shot up anyway. Now, I have to wait and see what happens. But, if it’s NOT a faint positive, it will be my very first evaporation line EVER. I’ve never had one before (that I can remember). I even looked back on some tests I have taken in the past few months and none of them show this hint of a line.

If I don’t get my period by Thursday, I will take another test.


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  1. Dee Said:

    What the heck is an evaporation line? Never ehard of that. I get home at 3:00 tomorrow. Let me know what it says.

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