Only One

Only one of my breasts are sore. This is very annoying. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. The last time I was pregnant, both breasts were sore. Then the past couple months, only the right side has been. It’s obviously NOT a pregnancy symptom… I admit though, it does get my hopes up a little.

Here we are at 11dpo and my only symptom is one sore breast. Great. Now, if you ask my dh, he’ll tell you a few others that I don’t consider symptoms: getting up to pee at night (I do that anyway), eating pepperoni (well, it was in the house – course then he argued as to WHY it was in the house), mood swings (pretty moody anyway). The problem with these symptoms is they can also be side effects from the Progesterone.

It’s very confusing. I can’t hope because every thing I think of can be because of something else. And I’m scared. I want to take a test SO bad, but I’m too scared to. What if it’s negative? I’ll be crushed again. And what if it’s positive? I’d be so scared that I’ll lose the baby again. Then I start thinking about telling someone, who do I tell? Do I tell everyone again? Or do we keep it to ourselves? It’s almost nice to have people know so if something did happen, the support is there.

I haven’t been taking my temperature either. I got so frustrated with that last time, that I decided not to do it anymore. So, I don’t have any warning either… with the temp drops, I’d usually get a 2 day warning that my period is coming. Now, I haven’t got a clue.


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