Flu Vaccine

This year, my neighbors were all over the flu vaccine, and many of them still got sick. I kinda laughed to myself – how rude, I know – but, so many people don’t understand that just because you have the vaccine doesn’t mean it covers all the strains out there and it doesn’t provide 100% protection.

Our local newspaper had an article, “About half of the <city> influenza specimens tested by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in December were caused by a strain of the illness not covered by this year’s flu vaccine.”

There was also information in the article saying another strain of the flu “has become resistant to Tamiflu, the most widely used antiviral drug used to mitigate the flu’s effects.”

I don’t see the point of this vaccine.



  1. Dee Said:

    The onyl reason I have ever gotten the shot was because I had pneomia(sp) and was deathly sick. SO I get it. Although I did not get it last year and enver got the Flu.

  2. annymorris Said:

    I think that vacination is a vein of gold that’s why you have to be very careful with it.

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