I’m going to write about something other than my health or family tonight. I just read a comment  in TV Guide – it was on one of those Cheers or Jeers pages. Somebody wrote in, giving LOST a jeer (which is a put down for those of you who don’t read TV Guide) for being challenging. This person basically said he wanted to be entertained and not have to THINK about a TV show.


What has the world come to? What is wrong with a show that challenges you?

In my oh-so-humble opinion, if you’re complaining that shows like Lost, Alias, Heroes, or Fringe are challenging – maybe the real problem is that you’re too shallow to handle a show like that. Stop watching and complaining and go watch a reality show that doesn’t have any depth at all.

I -along with many other people- *WANT* to be challenged. I want to put my mind to use. There’s nothing better than watching LOST and wondering WTH just happened. I love having the “what ifs…” keep me awake at night.

I hope the writers don’t get discouraged by people like that and I hope the networks don’t listen either. Keep the challenges coming! Those of us with thinking, imaginative minds want to watch!!!

Thanks for listening to me rant – now back to our regularly scheduled blogging…


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  1. junecleaverwouldbeshocked Said:

    Hey, not ALL reality shows are brainless fluff… 😉 I don’t think I’d ever have the cojones to admit that I’m too stinking lazy to think about a television show. To scrub my showers, sure. But too lazy for TV? That sounds like a new kind of pathetic to me.

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