Stupid, Shiny Follow Up Appointment

I saw the Hematologist again last week. I’m honestly not sure why I kept this appointment. Must be the alone time I get when I go. As nice as this doctor is, she seems to want to only bring me down. Although, there was nothing new to report, she reiterated how important it was that I keep coming to see her, get blood work done every few months, and see a high risk OB when I get pregnant.

WHY? You ask. I asked that too. And there really isn’t a reason. She claims that MTHFR can raise my risk of getting blood clots. But, I haven’t had one yet. Or any signs of one. And all my clotting tests were fine. So, no, I will not be running to a high risk OB when I get my positive pregnancy test. I will be calling my midwife, and probably my regular OB for an early ultrasound.

This particular doctor does know that I want a homebirth, whether she remembers or not, I’m not sure. I believe most doctors are biased. They just don’t get people like me, people who want to have their babies at home. They want to force hospitals, medicine, and interventions on us and I am really sick and tired of it. It’s one thing to NEED to go to a high risk doctor and hospital, but just to make my hematologist – who probably doesn’t remember my name the next day – sleep better at night, I don’t think so.

So, that’s my stupid, shiny report from my stupid, shiny follow up with my stupid, shiny doctor. Wonder if she drives a stupid, shiny Volvo?


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