My Flight Home

I wrote this on the plane to NY this week.

I don’t think flying economy ever again will be an option for me. Today, I had to take a last minute flight home because my Uncle John passed away. It was extremely expensive, but I needed to go. I would have regretted it if I didn’t. I needed to say goodbye, pay my respects, and be there for my family. So, never flying first class before, I didn’t even realize what the codes on the ticket meant.

The man who collected my ticket said “Oh, you’re first class, Ma’am.” Ooooh…. He led me through a red carpet area. I got a seat in the first row by the window. It’s a little bigger than a normal seat, only two to a row. The seats have a built in pillow and are much more comfortable than a regular seat. They serve you a drink even before takeoff. There was a “spot” for your drink to sit. It pops out from a center console. Headphones sat in the pocket in front of me and there was a little button that alerts you if you have a phone call. I don’t think I’ll ever be that important – except to a few teary eyed little ones waiting for me to return home.

Once in the air, my order was taken. Chicken or pasta – I chose pasta. I was then given ice water and heated up nuts. Too bad I don’t like nuts. A flip down TV was opened and a movie is now playing. I’m not sure what it is. It’s set back in the 1700s and I don’t usually enjoy those kind of movies, but it’s background noise.

The sky is dark now as I travel east, if I look out the window behind me, I can see beautiful colors – reds, oranges, and yellows.

Dinner was soon served. Stuffed shells with marinara sauce, rolls, and chocolate cake. I laugh remembering how I thought I’d be starving all the way to D.C. and then I would have to run from gate to gate with no time to eat. Now, I am nicely stuffed! However, they keep refilling my water and my bladder is getting full and the seatbelt sign is ON!!!!!

Ah, finally, they turn the sign off and I get to use the first class bathroom – which turns out to be the same as every other bathroom I’ve been in on a plane. The flight gets into D.C. on time and I hurry to the shuttle to take me to another gate. Once I get there, I find out the flight to NY is delayed 40 minutes or so. I make some phone calls and wait.

The second leg of my journey was on a brand new 66 passenger plane – not sure if that’s good or bad. It is nice, it looks new, very clean… but, yeah, um… how much has it been tested? How many times has it been up in the air?

It is a quick flight and stays in the air the whole way! As we landed in NY, I see it is snowing lightly. Ah… home. NY in January. It is always nice to go home – even for a not so good reason. Yet, this isn’t my home anymore. My home is in TX with MSJ and our girls and right this very second I miss them horribly.


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