Still In Cloth

NKJ got new diapers! One of my favorites is a Blueberry AIO pocket. She is starting to outgrow her medium size diapers, so I had to get some new ones. I know she will potty train soon, but Mommy couldn’t help but buy a few more large size cloth diapers.

Where do I get them?

I’m sure there are some of you asking “WHY in the world would someone use cloth diapers nowadays?” I asked that question last year and probably even added “Are you crazy?” Then I learned more about it. There are no pins nowadays, you don’t have to fold the diaper and try to pin it around a wiggly baby. Sure, you CAN do it that way if you want. But, you don’t have to. It is SO easy. I wish I knew years ago how easy it was.

My two favorites are regular AIOs (all in ones) or pocket AIOs. Regular AIOs are just like a regular diaper except made out of cloth and velcro type fasteners. Nothing comes apart, nothing to pin, nothing to fold. Very easy.

A pocket AIO is almost as easy except it usually has an insert that comes out. So, instead having one piece, you have the diaper and the insert to stick in the “pocket” – an opening usually in the back of the diaper. The plus with this? It dries faster. But, you do have to “stuff” the insert in and depending on the diaper, possibly fold the insert (just in half or thirds, nothing special) and then stuff it in. A little more time consuming, but some people think it’s worth it.

You can usually choose between a velcro fastener and snaps. We have both. Velcro is definitely easier for other people, so when we go to church, I fill the diaper bag with those. But, NKJ can get the velcro diapers off – just like she can with disposable diapers. However, she hasn’t figured the snap diapers out yet.

This is where you say “But, you have to WASH them!!” Yup. You do. No getting around that. However, I do so many loads of laundry a week, what’s a couple more? Simple… rinse, wash, rinse, rinse, rinse and dry. No biggie.

There are other types of diapers and other ways of doing things. Each person finds their own little niche in the cloth diapering world. This is mine.

Not only will you be helping the environment if you use cloth diapers, but there are health concerns with disposable diapers including infertility, asthma and having them contain poisons. Read on for more information:



  1. livelaughlove4ever Said:

    You’ve inspired me to switch to cloth! I made a few myself and got alot from freecycle. How do you wash your diapers. Info online contradicts eachother. Some say hot water, some say cold only. Some say a special soap (chips?) some say mild detergent. I’m confused??? lol!

  2. wishingstar97 Said:

    Awesome. I was very confused too. Still am sometimes. There is a special detergent you can buy, but it’s expensive. Some of the cloth diaper websites sell it. I haven’t bought that… yet.

    Lots of sites contradict each other, so I had to choose one and try it. This is what I do:
    I use a dry pain, it’s my regular old diaper pail. I have a sprayer attached to my toilet, so when NKJ poops I rinse it off over the toilet. Then I put them in the diaper pain which is in my laundry room.

    When the pail is full or I need more diapers, I throw them all the washer. I do a rinse cycle – don’t usually pay attention to the temp on that. Then I do a wash. I put it on the longest cycle there is, the load size is on 3 (enough to cover diapers and a little more), and the temp is on warm. This cycle lasts 84 minutes 🙂

    Then I do the rinse cycle at least 2 times, sometimes up to 4 times.

    I use Arm & Hammer Essentials Dye & Perfume FREE Sensitive Skin. Some people say the free & clear types aren’t good. But, I just chose one. It seems to work well, except sometimes they smell a little like ammonia. When that happens, I put 1/4 cup baking soda in with the wash and in the first rinse cycle I use 1/4 cup vinegar. I do this at least once a month, more if it smells bad.

    I dry the diapers for 70 minutes on medium. Some are still wet after that, so I hang them on chairs or something overnight. Do NOT use dryer sheets.

    I think that’s it. If they cause a rash or are really smelly, there’s a bleach thing you can do, but it’s a last resort. So, let me know if you need that. You may need to experiment on a few different detergents before settling down on one. You can search some of the diaper sites for more recommendations. I think one is All Free & Clear. Or you can just buy the one from the diaper places. I think it’s Allen’s??? I can look if you need me to 🙂

    The other thing you need to know is don’t use diaper rash cream without a liner between your little one and the diaper or use a disposable when they have a diaper rash.

    Good luck!!!! I hope it works out for you!!!!

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