This Time, A Rheumatologist

There is never a dull moment around here. Lately, my weeks have been full of doctors, needles, and worries. Today was no exception. I had to see a Rheumatologist. I was once again pleased that I found a doctor whose office was easy to get to, clean, and the staff was efficient. The doctor came in within a couple minutes of the nurse leaving. He had a good bedside manner. He was kind, caring and nice.

Of course, I got no answers. I didn’t expect any, but I can always hope. He did a full exam from head to toe and didn’t find anything “wrong”. My liver and spleen seem to be in their correct positions! No rashes, no swollen joints, no dry eyes! So, that’s good news.

The doctor then told me that although I have no symptoms, he would run more specific tests to see if I have Lupus or some other things. He said that because I have four living children, that he thinks the reason for my miscarriages were more likely that something was wrong with the baby, rather than something auto-immune. But, can’t rule anything out yet. And of course, I have that MTHFR mutation.

He ordered more blood tests and said he’d see me back in two weeks. Yay!! More doctor appointments! Can’t wait. I had to go across the hall to the lab. Thankfully, they had a bed for me to lie on. The lady had trouble with one of the doctor’s orders and had to call the office only for them to say they’d have to call back. So, we waited and waited and finally the call came and we got on with the fun stuff. TEN tubes of blood and 90 minutes later, I was done!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I wait again. I hate waiting. I’m not a patient person. I just hope that I get some GOOD news in two weeks when I go back to these two doctors. Please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. autoimmunelife Said:

    Good luck with all the blood tests. 😦
    I’m glad to hear your doctor is caring and seems to be concerned about getting answers for you.

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