Today’s Appointment

Today I had an appointment with my regular primary care doctor. I had called her last week after my appointment with the internal medicine doctor – the one I couldn’t stand. She had looked over my file and agreed that I didn’t need the internal medicine doctor and I could just see her.

In I went, hungry, because I had fasted since midnight in preparation for blood work. The doctor, who I have always liked, was wonderful. She listened to everything. She talked to me. She even promised to get me some answers.

She stepped out of the room to call a hematologist herself. When she came back in, she said the hematologist wanted to see me, that this MTHFR mutation was more than just folic acid. She explained it a little to me. But, it’s still hard to understand. Yet, easy at the same time. If that makes sense.

Her office actually made the appointments for me. Tomorrow I see the hematologist and Friday I see the Rheumatologist (for the positive ANAs). Wow! They sure are quick and thorough. Now, I’m wondering WHY I didn’t just go to her in the first place.

Before I left, she made sure I knew to call her if I had any questions or concerns, to talk about results or anything else I needed.

I’ll update again tomorrow!!!


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