The Saga Continues

I went to see the internal medicine doctor today. She told me my ANAs were positive. WOW!! Really? I didn’t know!!! Oh, I could have slapped her. How dare she call me up on Christmas Eve to tell me she has to discuss my lab results with me in person just to tell me something I already know. Yes – it is better than hearing I have some awful disease. I am so grateful for that, so blessed!!! Thank you, God.

All of my other test results were normal. Just the positive ANAs. And what does that mean? I still have no idea. The doctor blabbed on and on about how these tests don’t prove I have Lupus, but she wouldn’t answer my questions. I asked what else it could be and she couldn’t answer that. She just said the Rheumatologist would do more tests. Wonderful… more tests!!!!!!!!

My loving husband told her how wrong it was to call me on Christmas Eve and then not have an appointment and how her office totally messed up my head and my holiday. What did she say??? “Holidays are inconvenient”!! Are you kidding me? This was NOTHING she couldn’t have told me over the phone.

Since I can’t stand this doctor, I called my regular family doctor – who I like. I spoke to the receptionist who was SO nice and understanding. She wrote it all down and said the nurse would call me back after she talked to the doctor (she even made a point to say that it might be tomorrow because it was already 4:30pm). They called back in FIVE minutes!!!!!!!! Not five hours, not five days, not “oh you should come in so we can discuss this”. FIVE MINUTES!!!!! The nurse said how sorry he was about my miscarriage – aw!!! And then said the doctor would be glad to take over for the internal medicine doctor and she felt that she could handle it all right there, that there may not even be a need to see a Rheumatologist. I will probably make an appointment with one to ease my mind and to be prepared in case I need to see one. I am relieved that my family doctor will take over for the nasty one.

I have an appointment with her for next Tuesday. I have to fast for my blood work – that kind of sucks. This will be blood draw #6 since my miscarriage! But, maybe she can order the tests I need so I won’t have to keep having more blood taken.

The doctor today did take a urine sample to test for protein. Hopefully, she’ll call and tell me those results over the phone. I think I’ll have to demand it. And I STILL haven’t heard back from my OBs office. I called last week about my betas and the Folic Acid prescription. I know it’s the holidays and all, but it’s not a hard question.

So, the saga continues… in the meantime, we’ll be baby dancing!!


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