Ah… the holidays.

The lights, the music, the smell of cookies. I love the holidays. I love the spirit of Christmas. I can feel it in the air. The look on my children’s faces when they saw Santa at the Christmas tree farm, when we got a really big tree, when we hit the buttons and the lights on the tree turned on for the first time. They saw the magic. I love watching the shows on TV, hearing the music all around me, and even decorating the Christmas tree!

Along with all the wonderful things about this time of year comes the craziness. The stores are CROWDED. Now that we live in a big city, the stores are more packed than I’ve ever seen. No matter what time I go, it’s ridiculous. I can’t get around anyone –because the stores for some reason have big carts and small aisles – sometimes the stores throw something in the middle of the aisle, making it completely impassible – why do they do that? So, I get shoved and bumped into with not even an apology. I’m scared of losing my kids in the madness. And for what? A few presents. Of course, I could order everything online. That would save me fighting for a parking spot, getting annoyed at other people and waiting in line. But, when I do order stuff online, it gets delayed, rerouted, damaged and I have to worry about not having what I need for Christmas morning.

Sure, sure, it’s not about the presents. But, what mom doesn’t like to see their kids’ eyes light up on Christmas morning?

Is it so much to ask for a simple “Excuse me?” or “I’m sorry” when you bump into me while shopping? Or just a smile letting me know you see me when you cut in front of me? Can we all remember the reason for the season? Lets’ remember how God sent His son to us. Lets’ remember how Mary gave birth to that son. Lets’ remember what Jesus did for us. This season, give to someone; make your heart feel happy. Tell someone you love them. Smile at a stranger. Pay it forward.

Christmas means so many things, what will this season mean for you?


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  1. Dee Said:

    It means I am another year older. LOL

    I hear you on watching the faces of our children. It is snowing here so it adds to the whole Christmas theme,. Maybe, just maybe it will be white for Christmas? I hope.

    I am on the oposite end. I watch how ppl are so mean all day long. It is amazing. I was like isnt it suppossed to be a happy time of year? Isnt it suppossed to be the time of year where everyone else is more important than us.

    Stephanie said to me the other day that we shold give something to the less fortunate.

    I was thinking for next year to make little bads with hats and gloves and hand them out during the winter time. Just randomley. That way we will be helping others.

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