Breastfeeding Rant

Today I am going to rant. Recently, I have found out a couple scary things about formula. First, I read that powder formula given to preemies IN the hospital is responsible for their deaths or damage to their brains. Then I found out there is something toxic in formula. So I shared this information with some friends. I only sent this link:  I didn’t even give my opinion. Somebody took offense. This baffles me. Our bodies go through many changes when we’re pregnant. Making milk is one of those changes. Our bodies know to make milk for our baby. It is geared specifically towards that baby. When the baby is delivered, our milk comes in. Granted it might take a couple days, but it is there.

Putting any health reasons aside… is there any reason NOT to give that beautiful baby the best there is? What mother looks at her child and says, “Eh, I don’t want to breastfeed, so I’m going to give you fake milk with toxins in it.”

Now, I’m sure most of you have heard all the great reasons to breastfeeding, but just in case you forgot, here are just a few of my favorite reasons to breastfeed:

1)      Breast milk is free. You don’t have to pay for it. Think of all the money you’d save if you didn’t have to buy formula.

2)      Many kids react badly to formula. Spit up, tummy problems, allergic reactions are all examples. This usually doesn’t happen with breast milk. It’s easier to digest.

3)      You don’t have to fix it. No bottles, no warming it up, no clean up. You just pull up your shirt and latch. Easy! Especially if you’re out and don’t have hot water nearby or at night when you’re exhausted.

4)      Breastfed babies score slightly higher on IQ tests. Who doesn’t want their child to be smart?

5)      Nursing uses up calories. What a better way to lose weight after pregnancy? Sit comfortably, watch TV and nurse.

6)      When exclusively breastfeeding, it delays your menstrual period!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you need another reason???? Seriously?

7)      Breastfeeding lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

8 )      BONDING!!!!

9)      The best reason: IT’S THE BEST THING FOR YOUR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even formula manufacturers say this! Breast is best! It has antibodies in it!!! It protects your baby!

Again, there are many people out there with health issues and they can’t breastfeed. And there are people out there that try and maybe they don’t make enough or maybe it really hurts or for some reason they can’t. At least they tried. There are some that do it for 8 weeks, maybe until they go back to work. At least they did that. But, the people that are just plain lazy, those people are the ones that make my head spin. Here, God gives us milk, He provides us with a free, easy way to feed our babies. And some people choose to buy formula to put into their precious little bellies. Now, we’re finding out that there are toxins in formula. “A safe level” the FDA says. I wonder how many of them are feeding it to their babies?!

What I don’t get is the people who read these articles, they find out that there is a TOXIN in the food they are feeding to their babies and they don’t care!!!!!!!! Let’s give it to them anyway. See if it’s really safe. What if this toxin is causing some Leukemia down the road? Or Autism? Or even “just” asthma? Would you still give it to them? What if they find out in 5 years that children have cancer because of this toxin and YOU knew!!! Wouldn’t you feel like crap? So, why not give your child the BEST for as long as you can! What is stopping you?

So, back to my original problem… all I did was give information. I didn’t give my opinion or go into anything. Just gave the link. Why can’t people be open-minded and talk about things like adults? Have a discussion about it. No judging. No name calling. We’ve all done it before, but this time, someone who was probably feeling guilty got upset.

My youngest loves animal crackers. If someone sent me a link telling me that there was a toxin in animal crackers, I would certainly read it and stop giving them to her and then figure out what to give instead or maybe I’d think the risk of her getting sick from these toxins was minimal and keep giving them to her. But, I would be thankful to have that information, thankful that I could make that decision. And seriously, who in their right mind would keep giving them to their child? I wouldn’t take offense. My response would be “WOW! I didn’t know that. Thank you.” Maybe I’m just weird 🙂

BTW, if anyone wonders about my breastfeeding experience… My oldest was breastfed for almost 2 years. My second child was breastfed for 18 months. My third and fourth were breastfed for about 15 months. All self weaned. I did have to supplement my fourth baby for a couple days because my milk didn’t come in until she was 6 days old. Thank you, Fenugreek!!! Reading these articles scares me. I pray that the formula did not hurt her. I just keep telling myself it was only a couple ounces a day and only for a few days…



  1. junecleaverwouldbeshocked Said:

    Preach it, sista! It boggles my mind why anyone would CHOOSE to use this crap too. Wasn’t it originally made for infants who, for whatever reason, couldn’t be breastfed? When did second-best become “good enough”?

    Oh, and breastfeeding makes babies prettier too. Look at your girls, look at mine…proof positive. 😉

  2. Julie Said:

    I read what you had posted over there and I wasn’t one that jumped all over you. I saw that you were simply posting info but some people, knowing your viewpoint, probably just got defensive.
    I do get defensive too though to be honest. Of course, breastmilk is best, but sometimes we can’t choose that.
    My little girl is 3.5 months old and I was on medicine that wouldn’t allow me to breastfeed. So, she is on formula. She cannot use any except Nestle Goodstart because she has problems on the others.
    If I can’t switch her to another, and I can’t breastfeed her (because what little breastmilk I ever had is gone even though I am off the medicine), what do you think I should do? I’m not trying to be a smart a**. Just asking because I DO care about her health….

  3. wishingstar97 Said:

    This is exactly what I mean about having health problems and not being able to breastfeed. I feel sad that you couldn’t breastfeed because of a medication, but I certainly understand that. I know when I had to have surgery and my little ones were little, they told me I couldn’t breastfeed for a couple days and that was very hard.

    I don’t have an answer for you. I don’t know what I would do if I was formula feeding and found out the one I used had toxins in it. Can you retry other formulas?

    My other suggestion may not be one you’re able or willing to do, but I figured I’d suggest it anyway. I had a friend years ago who decided not to breastfeed her baby at first and about 3 months later, she wanted to. We were all at a midwife meeting and she asked if it would be possible for her to breastfeed now. The answer was yes. She was told to put the baby to her breasts and get the baby used to being there and the skin to skin contact and see if the baby would put the nipple in her mouth. She was told to get a nipple shield from Medela, she was also told to get a hospital grade pump and start pumping and take Fenugreek (you can get it from GNC).

    If none of that worked, she was told they could set her up with a supplemental device that would go around her neck. This is how adoptive mothers breastfeed their babies. Formula goes in the bottle, but it runs down a tube that is taped to your breasts. This way the baby feeds at your breasts, gets the formula, but it stimulates your body to make milk. And then you get rid of the device.

    I know it all sounds hard, but if an adoptive mother who didn’t even give birth can make milk for their child, so can you.

    A lactation consultant can help you if you are interested. Contact one in your area. I do not judge you because at the time you did the right thing, you had medication in your body that the baby couldn’t have. That is completely understandable. In my defense, I was talking about the people who simply think it’s too much trouble or too inconvenient or don’t want to be that attached. And I was upset that nobody came to us before contacting a administrator to close the post.

    Good luck!!!!

  4. livelaughlove4ever Said:

    I’ve only BF 3 of my 5 children. But I was very young w/ my first 2. I’m still nursing my youngest (15 months) and loving it 🙂

  5. livelaughlove4ever Said:

    Hi I don’t want to be a “lurker” so I wanted to introduce myself and let you know I’ll be reading your blog 😉 I a Christian SAHM of 5 kids married for 14 1/2 years.

  6. wishingstar97 Said:

    Hi 🙂 It’s nice to “meet” you!!! I’m glad you’re reading!!

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