Picture Day

Yesterday was Christmas picture day. I don’t know what possesses me to do this every year. In the past, I have learned to book the earliest appointment I can get on the day I want. Otherwise you are waiting for everyone else who is late, who takes forever picking out their pictures (YUP, that’s ME!!) and so on. And they always run late!! No matter where we go, no matter what time we go… they run late. Yesterday morning was no different. We had a 9:40 appointment, they opened at 9:00am. They were already behind – said they had camera trouble. UGH!!!

The trouble with making a morning appointment is getting up “early” on a Saturday and getting ready for the BIG picture on time. Trying to get 4 girls in their beautiful Christmas dresses and ourselves ready… well, that’s just not pretty. KRJ decided to have a fit over her tights, black ones, to match the other girls. She didn’t like them, they itched, so she scratched them and left 2 holes… I certainly wasn’t replacing them with 5 minutes left before we had to go. I was livid though! How dare she ruin this? She’s 11!!! She can’t wear them for an hour? I don’t like tights either. I wear them when I have to. Hopefully, the holes won’t show up in any pictures.

So, we arrived early and we waited and waited and waited… Finally, we were called in. The first thing I noticed was that everyone walking past the studio (which was inside JCP) could see us posing for our pictures. Who thought that up? There was this family that stood there in the window and watched the entire photo shoot. They didn’t have anything better to do while they waited?!

The photographers did pretty well. NKJ acted up a lot. She would pose for 5 seconds at a time and was done. We did get a few good pictures out of it. But, I doubt we will go back there – at least until next year, when I’ll do it all over again hoping to get the perfect Christmas shot.


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  1. junecleaverwouldbeshocked Said:

    Bleh. I hate picture day too. And ditto about the studio always, always, ALWAYS running late – only at ours, there may not even be another customer there. She may just be sitting at the computer editing someone’s pictures, and making us wait. GRRRR. Hope you got some good shots – look for my picture day rant on 12/5.

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