One Tired Mama

I’m exhausted. Not just a little tired, but completely exhausted. I started babysitting this week, a great idea I had to help out with some of our finances (don’t forget to add the sarcasm to that last sentence!!). I forgot that babysitting means getting up early and taking care of someone else’s children. My alarm rings in my ear at 6am now. I usually whack it, mumble something incoherently, and go take my shower – where I then stand for at least 20 minutes talking myself into getting out and starting my day. If I could lie down in the shower and go back to sleep, I probably would.

I can’t nap during the day with someone else’s kids here. By the time they nap, my baby is up from her nap. Leaving only one option for this tired Mama – going to bed early – something a night owl usually doesn’t do. Instead of staying up until midnight or later, I have been trying to go to bed about 10:30. I usually end up tossing and turning until midnight which makes me wonder if this going to bed early thing even helps. My husband keeps telling me that eventually my body (and brain) will get used to going to bed earlier and I’ll magically be able to go right to sleep. Hmmm…

Taking care of someone else’s children is challenging. You have to teach your rules to a little person who is used to a different set of standards. I expect my children to be polite, apparently some other people in the world don’t. This one little girl demands things; she doesn’t ask nicely, doesn’t remember to say please and thank you – just demands. I’m working with her and it has only been a few days, so I’m hopeful. I keep telling her my name because “HEY!” isn’t working for me. And when she sees something with wheels, she must take it and ram it into whatever she feels like – this includes the dog, the walls, the furniture, any toys on the floor and almost my baby. This doesn’t work for me either. I’ve already had to hide a stroller and a grocery cart. I can’t wait to see what today brings!

On top of all of this, I have a cold.



  1. junecleaverwouldbeshocked Said:

    Massive, massive hugs headed your way. I know that misery – I’m not cut out to babysit other people’s children at all. I love them, as long as their parents are around, but don’t leave them with me and DON’T bring them to my house at an ungodly hour! You should be sainted for this, all things considered. Hang in there!

  2. Dee Said:

    I so remember all of this. It def does not help that you do not feel well.

    It will wrk out AND I hate to say but is right on this one. Your body will adjust.

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