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Michael and I went to see Twilight this weekend. Not that you asked, but here are my thoughts on the movie:

Overall, it was a great movie. If you haven’t read the book, you’d like it, understand it and come out probably wanting to read them. If you have read the book, well, you might be a little disappointed. They pretty much ruined the meadow scene. It was easily one of the best scenes in the book. I wonder whose call that was. Loved seeing Stephenie Meyer in the movie – even for a split second. I loved the Cullen family, loved watching them interact, but they weren’t in the movie enough! I know they had to squish hundreds of pages into 2 hours, but I wish they could have made it longer. I wish they had put more into it. I’m hoping the DVD will have deleted scenes and maybe New Moon will be longer.

Loved the scenery. Looked like what I pictured in my head except for the meadow. Where the heck was the meadow??? The rest looked great! I actually liked the kissing scene. It was intense. I liked when Bella met the Cullen family. The baseball scene was great, but too short. It was neat to watch the fight scene come alive. One of my favorite scenes is when Alice smells Bella’s blood and needs Carlisle to take over.

Onto the characters:

Kristen Stewart *looks* like I pictured Bella. She’s a good actress, but not great. I expected to see a girl completely IN LOVE. I didn’t see that until the end. I didn’t see her SMILE. If you’re in love with a guy, wouldn’t you smile a little?

Robert Pattinson – I didn’t think I’d like him, but I did. He won me over. He didn’t seem like the Edward in the book though. That Edward was perfect. This Edward seemed nervous.

Ashley Greene – LOVED her. Loved her voice, loved her hair. She is a great fit. But, she didn’t get a big enough part!!!! I want MORE Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackson Rathbone – Another good actor in a small part. LOVED his look… trying so hard NOT to drink Bella’s blood. The big round eyes that seemed like they were watering as he restrained himself – perfect. But, they never mentioned his gift, his talent. What’s up with that?

Kellen Lutz – Perfect overprotective, teddy bear brother. Good choice for Emmett!

Nikki Reed – Beautiful Rosalie!!! She played the part well. LOVED her!! But, again, she hardly got any time.

Elizabeth Reaser – Not someone I see as maternal. But, her part was so small in the movie, I didn’t have a chance to see her acting maternal.

Peter Facinelli – Cute, kinda young for a fatherly figure and a doctor. And he is a real life father!!! Guess he just looks young. I liked his small part, wished it could be more.

Taylor Lautner – Hot choice for Jacob and another very small part. Can’t wait to see more of him. He looks like a perfect fit!!

Billy Burke – Not bad as Bella’s Dad. Not what I pictured, but he was good.

Cam Gigandet – Scary… hot, I would like him if he was a good guy. Very good actor. Love the whole close eyes, roll eyes, sniff… mmmmm.

Rachelle Lefevre – LOVED her! Scary, beautiful, really wanted to like her… too bad she’s one of the bad vampires.

Now, in watching tons of interviews and behind the scenes stuff – I have found that certain actors are very articulate and intelligent while others – well, they just aren’t. Rachelle Lefevre and Nikki Reed are awesome. I love watching their interviews; they are really into the movie. But, when I watch Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson I am disappointed. They constantly say “Um…” or “Uhhh…” They have mentioned how they didn’t realize what they were getting into and admitted to not reading the books. If I got picked for a role like one in Twilight, I would read all the books so not only would I know exactly what I was getting into, but I would know the character better.

It’s definitely worth seeing the movie. I’d like to see it again. I can’t wait to buy the DVD. I am also thrilled they are making New Moon into a movie.


Picture Day

Yesterday was Christmas picture day. I don’t know what possesses me to do this every year. In the past, I have learned to book the earliest appointment I can get on the day I want. Otherwise you are waiting for everyone else who is late, who takes forever picking out their pictures (YUP, that’s ME!!) and so on. And they always run late!! No matter where we go, no matter what time we go… they run late. Yesterday morning was no different. We had a 9:40 appointment, they opened at 9:00am. They were already behind – said they had camera trouble. UGH!!!

The trouble with making a morning appointment is getting up “early” on a Saturday and getting ready for the BIG picture on time. Trying to get 4 girls in their beautiful Christmas dresses and ourselves ready… well, that’s just not pretty. KRJ decided to have a fit over her tights, black ones, to match the other girls. She didn’t like them, they itched, so she scratched them and left 2 holes… I certainly wasn’t replacing them with 5 minutes left before we had to go. I was livid though! How dare she ruin this? She’s 11!!! She can’t wear them for an hour? I don’t like tights either. I wear them when I have to. Hopefully, the holes won’t show up in any pictures.

So, we arrived early and we waited and waited and waited… Finally, we were called in. The first thing I noticed was that everyone walking past the studio (which was inside JCP) could see us posing for our pictures. Who thought that up? There was this family that stood there in the window and watched the entire photo shoot. They didn’t have anything better to do while they waited?!

The photographers did pretty well. NKJ acted up a lot. She would pose for 5 seconds at a time and was done. We did get a few good pictures out of it. But, I doubt we will go back there – at least until next year, when I’ll do it all over again hoping to get the perfect Christmas shot.

What People Say When You Have A Miscarriage

Since my miscarriage this week, I have heard just about everything. I know most people mean well. Seems like everyone I tell has had a miscarriage or two. You would think those people would know what to say. What would I say, you ask? I would say “I’m sorry for what you are going through. I’m here if you want to talk.” That’s it. Something sweet and simple like that.

So… what have I heard from well intentioned people this week…

There must have been something wrong with the baby – Great. Thanks for sharing. If there was something wrong with the baby, I still would have loved her.

The timing wasn’t right – Well, could someone tell me when the right time is then?

Your body couldn’t handle it – So, it really IS all my fault.  

God needed an angel – He has plenty. Why mine?

You already have four children – Mhmmm. And?

You can try again – I can and will, thankyouverymuch. Still doesn’t help my pain.

My favorite: Maybe it was a boy and your body can’t have boys – WOW!!! That’s just… WOW!

Goodbye Firecracker!

Recently, we got a big fat positive pregnancy test! We were thrilled! Another July baby – a firecracker! And then over the weekend, I started bleeding. It seems we have lost this baby. I went today to have it confirmed, but all they did was take my blood. I know there will be no reason as to why – but I wish there was, I wish they were able to tell me WHY. Was it because NKJ jumped on my belly last week? Was it because I dyed my hair? Was it because my husband and I made love? Was it because I had a hot bath just ONCE? Probably not. But, I’ll never know. That kills me every time this happens. There’s no reason why. Nothing to blame.

I didn’t go to church yesterday, because I didn’t feel good, not because I’m mad at God – even though I am – just a little. I know He didn’t do this to hurt me. I just don’t understand why He gives and takes away. Why bother to give it at all? What good is that? Some kind of lesson I’m supposed to be learning? I don’t know what it is! This didn’t help me figure it out. I will continue to praise Him through this storm and hope someday I understand.

It’ll take a day or two, maybe even a week, but I’ll get back up and now I want this badly. I will take ovulation tests, take my temperature every day, and maybe next time, we’ll be luckier.

I am very blessed to have my four beautiful girls! I love them each SO much! And this just makes me love them more.

We’ll miss you little Firecracker!

One Tired Mama

I’m exhausted. Not just a little tired, but completely exhausted. I started babysitting this week, a great idea I had to help out with some of our finances (don’t forget to add the sarcasm to that last sentence!!). I forgot that babysitting means getting up early and taking care of someone else’s children. My alarm rings in my ear at 6am now. I usually whack it, mumble something incoherently, and go take my shower – where I then stand for at least 20 minutes talking myself into getting out and starting my day. If I could lie down in the shower and go back to sleep, I probably would.

I can’t nap during the day with someone else’s kids here. By the time they nap, my baby is up from her nap. Leaving only one option for this tired Mama – going to bed early – something a night owl usually doesn’t do. Instead of staying up until midnight or later, I have been trying to go to bed about 10:30. I usually end up tossing and turning until midnight which makes me wonder if this going to bed early thing even helps. My husband keeps telling me that eventually my body (and brain) will get used to going to bed earlier and I’ll magically be able to go right to sleep. Hmmm…

Taking care of someone else’s children is challenging. You have to teach your rules to a little person who is used to a different set of standards. I expect my children to be polite, apparently some other people in the world don’t. This one little girl demands things; she doesn’t ask nicely, doesn’t remember to say please and thank you – just demands. I’m working with her and it has only been a few days, so I’m hopeful. I keep telling her my name because “HEY!” isn’t working for me. And when she sees something with wheels, she must take it and ram it into whatever she feels like – this includes the dog, the walls, the furniture, any toys on the floor and almost my baby. This doesn’t work for me either. I’ve already had to hide a stroller and a grocery cart. I can’t wait to see what today brings!

On top of all of this, I have a cold.