Rejection is hard to take no matter what shape it comes in, even when you expect it. It is hard to hear the word NO. I got rejected today and even though I knew it was coming, it was still upsetting. I blogged last week about submitting the first chapter of my book to an agency. They were FAST, I’ll give them that, but they said ‘no thanks’. Now, seriously, I didn’t think the very first place I submitted to would say YES! But, I think every writer secretly hopes that their book will blow someone away.

It’s hard to know for sure whether this agent really didn’t connect with the story or the character or if I really suck at writing. I have let lots of online friends read the book and although I don’t know these people in real life, they all told me how wonderful it was. Is it really? Or do they not want to hurt my feelings? This is the hard part. What if I do suck? I wish there was a store I could walk into, give them my manuscript, some money and a week and then go back in for a consultation. That way, after complete strangers have read the book, you would be told: “Yes, it’s great” or “It’s okay, go back and work on it” or “OMG, NO, NO, NO!!!”

Now, the research continues. Who do I submit to next? Who will take a chance with my writing? Do I do all email queries? Do I start printing copies out and sending queries through snail mail? And the most important question: Do I change anything? Just because ONE person didn’t connect, doesn’t mean the next won’t either… Right? Maybe after five or ten rejections, it’ll be time to change things. Or do I break out one of my other books? Things I must sleep on tonight and start tomorrow with a fresh look on things.



  1. randy Said:

    Don’t start changing things after one rejection. Pulitzer Prize winners get rejected.

    What’s your system of submission right now? I’d be curious to see what your query letter looks like and your first few pages.


  2. Cliff Burns Said:

    I no longer submit work for publication, two decades of that was quite enough for me. Now I publish my work directly on my blog–two novels and over a score of short stories thus far–and I’ve never been happier.
    Embrace the new technologies and bypass the traditional gate-keepers of publishing. Create your own buzz and those boot-lickers and lackeys (er, I mean editors and agents) will come to YOU…

  3. randy Said:

    Do drop by. Or email me.

  4. Dee Said:

    As a “real” friend NOT from the internet. I LOVED the book that you wrote.
    Do not give up after one rejection. That is what life throws at us.
    Just get back up on that horse and do it again. You will find someone who will connect and who will love the storeis for what you have done.

    I also like the comment on the internet stories,. I dont know if that makes $ but it is a great idea.

    Love Ya!!!!

  5. Donise Said:

    I am a “internet” friend but I REALLY enjoyed it! I just wanted to keep reading more and more. IMO you wrote it really good! I would have told you if it was something that I was not in
    dont give up girl! you are an awesome writter and it wil get noticed

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