One Smart Cookie

My second grader got her report card today. She got straight A’s, there was nothing below a 93. This shouldn’t surprise me since her teacher told me she was extremely smart at our conference last week. All second graders get tested for the gifted program in our district. This is coming up soon! The teacher said that she thought KBJ would score very high!! Considering the fact that DH’s mother and grandfather both have genius IQs, this shouldn’t surprise me either. But, well, it was surprising… that another person thinks your child is SMART! I am SO proud of her! She even made the distinguished honor roll!! WOW!!

KBJ stayed home one day last week because her tummy hurt and almost the whole day she spent writing on the computer. She wrote story after story! She takes after her daddy with her brains, but after me with her creativity 🙂


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  1. Ashley Said:

    Yay, that is great! Hope she gets in the gifted program.

    I bet she will write lots of great books like you have.

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