Finding a Babysitter

Tonight began my quest to find a babysitter so that my husband and I could go on date night! I have no Earthly idea where to start. How do I find someone I like enough to trust with the four most precious things in this world? Will the babysitter love them? Will she be nice? Will she play and keep them happy? Or will it turn ugly the minute we’re out of sight. And how will I know? I could buy a nanny cam. I could question the kids when I get home. But, how will I ever know if this person takes really good care of them?

We interviewed one tonight. She’s in her 20s which is great because I don’t have to worry about the teen drama! She has a house and a car. She seemed nice enough… sweet, quiet. NKJ took to her, but she takes to anybody. The other girls were acting like wild animals! On the other hand, she was quiet… she didn’t talk to the girls too much, didn’t try to ask them questions or be silly with them. I have tried extremely hard to remember what I was like when I would interview as a potential babysitter… I don’t remember being fun, and I was pretty quiet, but I think I was more interested in the kids. Maybe she was just extra shy like I am now!

And the price sure has gone up since I got $2 an hour all those years ago! But, this is a price I’m willing to pay to see Twilight when it comes out!


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  1. dee Said:

    You are to funny. You are aware that Kaeli is old enough to take the babysitting course? Right? I know not the same thing with sibling’s.
    Yes they do charge way more than $2.00 per hour.

    I hope you find the person that you are looking for.

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