Midnight Ramblings

What to blog about? I could blog about how awesome it is to have the kids back in school after Hurricane Ike tore our lives apart. Having them back there has helped my sanity! Even little NKJ is acting better without her sisters here. It’s a nice break and most of the time, the girls enjoy school.

I could blog about my neighbors who weirdly asked me to babysit today and then when I said “Sure”, they said they already had a babysitter. Guess they were expecting me to say “Heck NO!” Seriously, what’s up with that?

Or I could blog about sitting down to watch the premiere of Criminal Minds only to see Bush’s face fill my TV screen. COME ON!!! If you have something important to say, say it when the news is on, or in the daytime. Leave my primetime TV alone! At least, he only flapped his lips for 17 or 18 minutes and they put the WHOLE show on afterwards.

I’ve been going through old photos today and scanning some in. Most people say you take lots of pictures with your firstborn, but not as many as the rest of your kids. Not true with me. I take more now then I did with my first. I think it’s because of the ease of a digital camera. But, now, I have to go back through and scan old pictures so my firstborn doesn’t feel left out when we’re looking at pictures on the computer and more importantly just in case there’s a fire or flood… I’ll have a back up of my favorites… for now.

Well, I’m done with the midnight ramblings.


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  1. junecleaverwouldbeshocked Said:

    VERY strange of your neighbors and the babysitting thing…

    Glad you didn’t miss any of your show because of Bush!

    I hear ya on the pictures thing – my mom said I’d never take as many of the second baby. But I do, and maybe even more. Like you said, probably because the camera. I AM worse about getting them printed out and scrapbooked or in albums now, but at least I HAVE them. 🙂

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