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Midnight Ramblings

What to blog about? I could blog about how awesome it is to have the kids back in school after Hurricane Ike tore our lives apart. Having them back there has helped my sanity! Even little NKJ is acting better without her sisters here. It’s a nice break and most of the time, the girls enjoy school.

I could blog about my neighbors who weirdly asked me to babysit today and then when I said “Sure”, they said they already had a babysitter. Guess they were expecting me to say “Heck NO!” Seriously, what’s up with that?

Or I could blog about sitting down to watch the premiere of Criminal Minds only to see Bush’s face fill my TV screen. COME ON!!! If you have something important to say, say it when the news is on, or in the daytime. Leave my primetime TV alone! At least, he only flapped his lips for 17 or 18 minutes and they put the WHOLE show on afterwards.

I’ve been going through old photos today and scanning some in. Most people say you take lots of pictures with your firstborn, but not as many as the rest of your kids. Not true with me. I take more now then I did with my first. I think it’s because of the ease of a digital camera. But, now, I have to go back through and scan old pictures so my firstborn doesn’t feel left out when we’re looking at pictures on the computer and more importantly just in case there’s a fire or flood… I’ll have a back up of my favorites… for now.

Well, I’m done with the midnight ramblings.


Hurricane Ike

I have survived my first big hurricane. Living in NY and VA we would get the remnants of some hurricanes. No big deal, some rain, maybe a few wind gusts. Moving here, I figured I’d get to experience a real hurricane. I even joked about it last year when we moved here, I said I bet we’ll have a hurricane either this year or next. And sure enough, we did. Many hurricanes and tropical storms threatened to come close and didn’t. It was almost like crying wolf. I’d make sure the pantry was stocked, that my gas tank was full and that I had enough batteries and candles. This time was no different. I didn’t expect it to actually hit us though. I expected that last minute turn.

So, Friday afternoon, the wind started to pick up. The sky was beautiful! Slowly, the storm rolled in. We were NOT in an evacuation area. We live about 75 miles from the coast. We put the kids to bed figuring they’d be awake in a few hours when the wind started howling. MSJ went to bed. I stayed up as usual watching TV and chatting online to a friend.

At 11:30pm, I heard a POP and the electricity went out. No rain yet and only very little wind. Weird. MSJ got up and we got things ready. The wind and rain didn’t pick up too much… so we ended up going to bed. The storm woke me up a few times, every hour or two. The wind and rain finally picked up in the overnight hours. I checked on the kids each time, they were all sleeping like babies. It was kind of neat, I’ll admit. Being IN a hurricane. It wasn’t scary at all, but it was only a category 2, probably a 1 by the time it reached us.

Around 5am, BIL called and said his roof had collapsed and a window was blown in and they had to drive a few blocks to my FIL’s house. FIL and BIL went back to the house to try and get something up so the rain wouldn’t destroy the whole house! Their fence was completely gone too! We checked the house and at this point noticed the foyer and dining room were wet. Rain was coming in through the front door and windows. The study windows had water on the window sills. We had to clean all that up. Then we went back to bed for a little while. As daylight approached, the wind and rain picked up, the kids got up. When upstairs I noticed water was coming down through the attic access door… that wasn’t good!! MSJ got up there and saw a hole in the very top of the roof. The ridge vent (?) had been ripped off. We put some towels up there and waited.

As the wind died down a little, I stuck my head out the front door and took some pictures. It poured until about 4pm, but the wind was back to “normal” speeds a little after lunch time. We saw our trees were down and our fence was leaning. But, our house was fortunate to only suffer minor damage. We ended up taking a ride later that evening and saw the rest of the neighborhood. BIG trees were down! Fences gone. Roofs tarped up. On Sunday, after church (which didn’t have power either), we went to my in-laws. I got to see first hand what BIL’s house looked like – completely unlivable. And the roads were still flooded, whole fences gone, huge trees down, some places looked like a twister had ripped through it. Signs were down. Power was out everywhere. Amazing.

We ended up being without power for FIVE days!!! In a way, it was peaceful… for the first couple days… LOL! Then I had had enough! I wanted my internet and my TV!!!!!!!! The kids were going to be out of school ALL week and MSJ was going to be home through Wednesday. I worked on some of my books a little, but that required my laptop to run on battery. A friend of SILs got her power back so they lent us their generator. We were able to power up a few things and I used it for my laptop, still no internet, but now I could listen to music and write. It was something.

My phone was able to download emails and that kept me sane. We went to the parking lot of a store with WiFi and I sent out an email. Friends texted me which was pretty awesome!! That kept me more sane. And a few of my friends even called me on my cell! I had to go outside to talk on it! But, it was there and I had contact with the outside world!

MSJ decided he wanted a bigger better generator to keep for us. A store nearby had one and he left Wednesday to get it. Once it was hooked up, it was MUCH quieter and I was able to watch TV! WOW!! The devastation just an hour from us was humbling. Sure, we were without power, but it was nothing like what these poor people were going through. I prayed long and hard seeing all the damage that was done. My family was safe. My home was safe. At that point, that was all that mattered.

Late that night, our power was restored!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful!

After this experience, I now know what to expect. I will be better prepared next time. And if a category 2 can do this kind of damage… I can’t imagine what a 4 or 5 would do and I certainly wouldn’t stick around to see what a 5 can do!

Thank you to all those who kept us in their prayers, thoughts and wishes. Thank you to those who called, texted and emailed to keep me sane!! I REALLY appreciate it!

Stupid AF

Aunt Flo showed the other day. It was depressing even though I knew it was coming. I don’t understand why my body is being so difficult. I’m now onto my 8th cycle. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to see what’s going on, maybe the doctor’s can figure something out. Maybe I’ll be put on some crazy fertility drug and end up with octuplets… all girls.


I need to do something with my hair. It’s BLAH. I want a new cut, but I don’t want to have to deal with styling it. I want something low maintenence. Something where I can shower, through some mousse in it and go. Nothing more. And I need a new color. The reds that I like seem to fade quickly and they turn orangish. I don’t like that. But, what to do… I’m just not sure.


I don’t like lovebugs. In fact, I’ll go as far to say I *HATE* lovebugs. I’m not scared of them like I am of bees. But, I can’t stand them. I had never heard of them until we moved here. I experienced my first lovebug “attack” as I was driving down the highway and all of a sudden BOOM BOOM BOOM, they were splattering all over my windshield. EW! I didn’t know much about lovebugs, so I didn’t realize that I should go through a car wash as soon as possible. A week later, it was miserable trying to get them off.

The next time love bugs came back out earlier this year, I did a little research. I found this which made my stomach churn: The male and female attach themselves at the rear of the abdomen and remain that way at all times, even in flight. In fact, after mating, the male dies and is dragged around by the female until she lays her eggs. This is from:

So, these bugs are ATTACHED as they fly around. Just EW!!!! They don’t sting, they don’t bite, but they do land on you while ATTACHED!!!!

If you ever move to the Gulf Coast… watch out! And don’t wear white!!!

Weekend Stuff

The girls have completed a week of school!! Yay!!! Nobody had any problems. Lockers got opened! And KRJ came home with her viola!! She has to EARN her bow! So, at least there is no squeaking going on yet.

We’re watching Live Free or Die Hard which I got for my birthday MONTHS ago and haven’t gotten around to watching yet. That’s how my life works. I get something and it isn’t until months or even years later that I get to see it or use it or play it. I still have a dvd that I got for Christmas years ago I haven’t seen yet. I really want to, but there’s just too much to do.

And I just had to add that today all is right with the world, MY world. I may get good old Aunt Flo tomorrow or the next day, but TODAY, all is pretty awesomesauce!