There’s a place I belong. A place that truly lets me fit in. I never thought I’d find such a place. Now that I have, I worry I’ll lose it, that some of them will drift away in time, some will forget, some will move on. I don’t want that to happen, because these people, they are my friends. They are more my friends then I have had in a long time. They like me for me or so they say J Last time I had that was high school. Every now and then I’d meet someone who understood. But, it wasn’t often. Mostly it was about me keeping up my appearance. Play nice with the neighbors, but don’t let them get close. But, these strangers, I’ve opened up to after 15 years of keeping things bottled up. I’ve opened up my heart and I’ve let them in. Maybe it’s because I know I’ll probably never meet them. Maybe because to some degree it’s anonymous. Maybe they only pretend to like me. I may never truly know. But, right now, today, I’m loved by just mommies.



  1. Ashley Said:

    You are a friend indeed to me. I can’t wait to make our trip to Texas in Jan. to meet you and your family.

    Ashley & Natalie

  2. Laurie Said:

    I feel the same as you..I love being apart of such a great group of women..It feels like no matter what there is always someone there for you..Your a great person and i am happy to have kinda met

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