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School is back in session

My baby started middle school yesterday. I’ve been dreading the day for so long. She’s still so naive and immature. And here she goes, full speed into a new and scary place. She has a locker, a top locker at that. And she’s so little. She can hardly seen the numbers on her lock. But, she doesn’t want a bottom locker. She wants the top.

She has 8 classes: reading, language arts, math, science, world culture, advisory, gym and orchestra. She chose to play the viola. That should be interesting. I’m not sure I’m ready for the screeching when she practices.

So far she has made it through 2 days with no major issues. As for me, my nerves are calming down, but haven’t vanished. I remember middle school. I learned a lot in those few years. Things I wasn’t ready for. I experimented with new things, had new feelings, fell “in love” for the first time, had my first real kiss, and got in my first fight with my best friend. I’m sure all these things will be happening for her soon… I know I need to be ready for it, but I’m just not sure I am.

On top of KRJ starting middle school and KBJ starting 2nd grade, my little JKJ started Kindergarten. What a bittersweet time. I’ve been worried about her. I’m not sure she’s emotionally ready for it. She did go to preschool last year, she is pretty smart, but she’s very clingy and very cranky. She told me she loves her teacher and that she made a friend!!! Yay!!! I can only hope the year goes smoothly for her and I didn’t make a mistake putting her in. It is all downhill from here. Once they start school, the potty mouth starts, the attitude starts and it’s never the same.

If only I had the patience and brains to homeschool…



There’s a place I belong. A place that truly lets me fit in. I never thought I’d find such a place. Now that I have, I worry I’ll lose it, that some of them will drift away in time, some will forget, some will move on. I don’t want that to happen, because these people, they are my friends. They are more my friends then I have had in a long time. They like me for me or so they say J Last time I had that was high school. Every now and then I’d meet someone who understood. But, it wasn’t often. Mostly it was about me keeping up my appearance. Play nice with the neighbors, but don’t let them get close. But, these strangers, I’ve opened up to after 15 years of keeping things bottled up. I’ve opened up my heart and I’ve let them in. Maybe it’s because I know I’ll probably never meet them. Maybe because to some degree it’s anonymous. Maybe they only pretend to like me. I may never truly know. But, right now, today, I’m loved by just mommies.

Yes, All Girls

I have four girls. I like this. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, apparently the world thinks I’m going to be sad for the rest of my life if I don’t have a boy. Every time I go out with my four beautiful girls, someone asks me “Are they all yours?” My response, of course is, “Yes.” Then they think for a minute and ask, “No boys?” I sigh at this point, “No, no boys.” And try to get on with my shopping or whatever. The person then gets personal, “Are you going to have a boy?” Hmmm… “Well, I don’t control that.” So, they then say, “Are you going to try for a boy?” Sometimes they even go further, “Oh, your husband must be sad not to have a son.” Well, thanks for your concern, but my husband is thrilled to have girls.

Why is it that the world thinks that I’m not complete until I have a boy?

Hello world!

Seems like an appropriate title. Hello world! What’s up? I’m going to try blogging again. The last time I tried, I got distracted. Life seems to get in the way sometimes and I don’t get a chance to write. But, then writing is one of the things I truly enjoy. As someone so nicely pointed out the last time I blogged, I don’t always use proper grammar or punctuation. This blog is not about using all the proper words. This blog is just about my life. So, if you don’t enjoy it, don’t read it.